Why use O-rings on your mechanical keyboard ?

  • To reduce noise caused when key cap stems collide with your Keyboard                    casing during daily use
  • To reduce the bottoming-out distance (varies by O-ring thickness)
  • Increase shock absorption to minimize finger fatigue during longer typing                sessions
  • Increase typing speed around 5 WPM average

Compatibility ?

  •  The O-rings from my store are compatible  with all Cherry Mx & Cherry Mx             Clone Switches. 
  • They also do their job on the Corsair K70 RGB & Corsair Vengeance K70:              making typing quieter, reducing the maximum travel distance of key presses etc.
  • Cherry MX Speed (Silver) Switches are Cherry’s new MX Speed switches. By              installing O-Rings you will be able to "click" and "clack" even faster than ever          before.

What is different between these and the similar ones of eBay and such for less?

  • Most of the cheaper O-Rings sold on Ebay are made from harder rubber.                  "Soft 40A" rubber is more expensive to produce. Shore 40A Rings are better at           dampening the noise while also providing a soft landing.